Hardware, Fasteners & Storage


Anchors (boxed)
Anchors (carded)
Ball Casters
Bi-Pass/Bi-Fold Door Hardware
Bluk Nails & Staples
Bolts (boxed)
Cabinet & drawer locks
Cabinet Hardware
Carpet tape
Casters & glides
Ceiling fans & access
Ceiling Material
Ceramic Tile/Decorator Products
Chain and Cable
Chain/Cable Fittings
Chain/Cable Locks
Chimes & Accessories
Closet and Garment Hooks
Closet storge/orgnization
Copper Tubing
Door Hardware
Door locks
Doors & Windows
Drywall/Deck/Ext. Screws
Floor Jacks/Misc. Hardware
Floor Protection Products
Flooring Products
Furniture Touch-Up Products
Garage Door Hardware
Garage Door Operators
Gate Hardware
Handrail & deco brackets
Home/personal security
Hook and loop fasteners
Incandescent, Halogen Lightbulbs
Insulation/Building Wrap
Key Rings/Accessories
Keyed Auxiliary Locks
Kitchen Cabinets/Fronts
Kitchen/Household Storage
Letters & Numbers
Lock Accessories/Parts
Log & Tow Chain & Accessories
Luggage/Case/Craft Hardware
Mailboxes and posts
Major Appliances
Metal extrusions/shapes
Metal Framing Connectors
No longer in use
No longer in use
No longer in use
Nuts & Bolts
Nuts (boxed)
Nuts (carded)
Packaged Nails
Perforated Pegboard
Picture Hangers
Plastic Trash Cans
Polyethelene Sheeting
Posts & drilling posts
Putty Knives & Scrapers
Rain Diffusion
Reinforcement Hardware
Sash and Window Hardware
Screen Cloth/Shade Products
Screen/Storm Hardware
Screen/Window Repair Parts
Shoe/Boot Products
Siding tools & access
Small Screws (boxed)
Small Screws (carded)
Specialty Fasteners
Storage Shelving Units
Table Legs
Temporary mounting
Threaded Metal Angles/Flats/Rods
Threaded Wire (boxed)
Threaded Wire (carded)
Tub/Shower Wall Surrounds
Turned Lumber Products
Underground Sprinklers
Utility Knives and Blades
Valves (except rough brass)
Ventilation Products
Wall Counter Organizers, Rk
Washers (boxed)
Washers (carded)
Water filters
Weatherstrip & thresholds
Window Cover Materials
Window Coverings
Window wells/covers
Wire Tacks/Nails/Brads
Wood Dowels
Woodmont products class
Wrought Iron Products
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  Item Description Price
5677315 Hardware, Fasteners & Storage
B1022592 Tool tapered end stick crl216 0.49
H47802 Guttertite cd wht 5/16x7 17.49
H47803 Guttertite cd brn 5/16x7 17.49
H47805 Timbertite 6" 15cm screws 29.99
H47806 Timbertite 8" 20cm screws 39.99
H47807 Timbertite 10" 25cm screws 46.99
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