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Electric fire starter

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Brand Name: Looftlighter
*Sub Brand: Looft Industries
*Product Type: Electric Charcoal Fire Starter
*Container Size: 1 cu. in.
*Height: 2 in.
*Odor Type: Odorless
*Packaging Type: Boxed
*Length: 17.8 in.
*Color: Black
*Material: Stainless Steel/Rubber/Aluminum
*UL Listed: Yes
*Width: 2 in.
*Brand Compatibility: Charcoal - Lump Charcoal - Wood - Chips - Chunks - Logs
*Dishwasher Safe: No
*Voltage: 110 volt
*Wattage: 1500 watts
*With no similar products on the market, our design team created the Looftlighter with the perfect barebecue experience in mind. The focus on functionality and simplicity along with material treatment and form have now set the trend on how electric fire starters looks and operate. The Looftlighter is the first product to use this technique as a fire starter. The stand and hook as an integrated bottle-opener which is just one detail that make our product a pleasure to use. We are proud to be the original!  The fastest, cleanest, safest, easiest method for lighting your barbecue grill or wood fireplace You can use your Looftlighter all year around. If you?re not one of those people who barbecues

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