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Grmt mini firefighter

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Mini Firefighter
*Container Size: 12 oz.
*Product Type: Fire Extinguisher
*Application: Household
*Agency Approval: OSHA
*UL Listed: Yes
*Discharge Type: Spray Can
*Materials: 90 percent plant based foam, 10 percent water: Glycols, anionic, amphoteric and non-ionic tensioactives, and organic salts
* Extinguishes four different fire types: Class A - Solid fire (wood, fabric, cardboard, plastic); Class B - Hydrocarbons (petrol, diesel, solvents); Class C - Electrical (tested to 35,000 volts); Class K - Oil/grease (cooking oils, grease, animal fat)
* Storage: Refer to date stamp at bottom of canister when storing
* Typical shelf life is 3-4 years
* Keep at temperatures between -40 degrees and +158 degrees Fahrenheit
* Not a substitute for traditional fire extinguishers that are required by law for home or boating regulations
*Vendor Internet Sales Policy: Sale of this product on third party online marketplaces (e.g., Amazon, Ebay, Wayfair, is prohibited

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