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Spectra solor lantern

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Luminaid Spectra Solar Inflatable Lantern
*Sub Brand: Spectra
*Lumens: 45 lumens
*Color: Assorted
*Product Type: Solar Inflatable Lantern
*Waterproof: Yes
*Battery Size: Lithium-Polymer Ion
*Height: 4 in.
*Packaging Type: Peggable
*Impact Resistant: Yes
*Width: 4 in.
*Batteries Included: Yes
*Rechargeable: Yes
*Compact solar-powered light that twists flat and inflates into a lightweight, portable lantern with  12                L ED?s, Four settings: High,               M edium, Low, and Flashing,                U p to 6 hours of light on                 E xtra Bright setting, Up to               8 hours of light on high                  s etting, Up to 12 hours of                l ight on low setting, Up to               3 2 hours of light on flash                s etting, Recharges in 7                   h ours of direct sunlight,                 A djustable strap with secure              c lasps for easy hanging,                  H igh-efficiency                           m onocrystalline solar panel,              L ithium-Polymer Ion battery               w ith hundreds of recharge                 c ycles, Dimensions: 4 in. x               4 in. x 1 in. (flat) / 4 in.              x 4 in. x 4 in. (inflated),               W aterproof up to 3 feet deep              a nd can float, Product is                 1 00 percent PVC-free and all              c omponents are lead-free and              R oHs compliant

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