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Thinnr paintred lbl qt

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Brand Name: SCL Sterling
*Sub Brand: Thin-X
*Product Type: Paint Thinner
*Container Size: 1 qt.
*Odor Level: Low Odor
*Application: Clean air multi-purpose low odor, Flats,  Mineral spirit thins exterior/interior paints
*Indoor or Outdoor: Indoor and Outdoor
*Concentrated: No
*Packaging Type: Bottle
*Product Form: Liquid
*Noncorrosive: Yes
*Solvent Type: Mineral Spirits
*Usage: Thinning Oil-Based Paints and Coatings
*Flammable: Yes
*This clean air multi-purpose low odor, mineral spirit thins exterior/interior paints, flats, enamels and varnishes.

* Wipes fresh               p aint from painting tools,                b uckets and pans and                      p artially dried drippings of              o il base and latex paint.
* Removes wax, grease,                 so ot and dust before                      re finishing surfaces.

*                Mee ts rule 66 environmental               sta ndards

* Do not use                 with shellac, lacquers, or                late x paints

* Helps                   incre ase flow and reduce                  brush drag or pull

/ EA